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Turn Your Airbnb Vision into Reality with Next Level Lender’s Premier Loans!

Whether it's your first or 100th home, we provide the next level experience that offers unmatched communication, creativity, and transparency. Our unique approach uplifts the
communities we serve, inspires the entrepreneurial spirit, and provides for a better tomorrow.
Our vision
We create experiences that inspire the pursuit of excellence and drive excitement for the future


Every client is unique but every individual receives an unbiased and equal process with us. No matter who you are, where you come from or what problems we may face during the loan process, our goal is to help you reach YOUR goals.

Our staff is always available to answer your questions with a smile and a "can-do" attitude. We know a real estate transaction can be stressful and we make it a point to help avoid that as much as possible to keep you excited and ready for your next chapter in your investment in real estate.

We are problem solvers and we are thumb pointers, not finger pointers. If anything should come up during a transaction, we will put all our energy towards finding a solution and skip the blame game. We are here for you to have a successful transaction to reach your goals.


Akshay “AK” Patel
Akshay “AK” Patel

CEO & Mortgage planner

Jenny Peterson
Jenny Peterson


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