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Why us

Akshay "AK" Devraj Patel

Akshay (AK) Patel, started in the mortgage industry in 2014 as an intern learning the ropes from every department relevant to the complete process of producing and issuing a mortgage loan. Akshay (AK) , did this while studying Business Finance at the University of California, Riverside -ultimately graduating and completing his bachelors in 2017. Throughout his time in the early days of training, he had the awesome opportunity to help hundreds of families from start to finish with their mortgage needs. Having had experience in every department, such as: Origination, Processing, Underwriting, Funding, Accounting, Appraisals, Document Drawing, Secondary Market and everything in between, Akshay (AK) was able to gather the information and expertise to truly understand and master the Mortgage loan process. Since moving back to San Diego in 2017, AK and his team have been working diligently to build the Next Level Lender brand and company to meet the standards of today and tomorrow's lending needs. Every professional at Next Level believes that the key to building a successful mortgage company is to create a process and experience with excellence in mind and to strive towards doing something on a different level than anyone else. Not only does Next Level focus on a flawless start to finish mortgage loan process, but AK made it a point to instill the best experience for the end user at every point in the transaction to ensure that every client feels at home with Next Level Lender.

an experienced mortgage lender and Tom Ferry Coach

Having had experience with over 1,000 loans, our team has the know-how to not only get all of your questions answered, but also find creative solutions to problems you may be facing. No one loan is the same and we here at Next Level Lender are always ready to go the extra mile to ensure our clients reach their goals of homeownership. We take the extra time to review every small detail of your loan scenario to understand all avenues of how we can approve your loan and make it make sense. With us, there is never a 'no" only a "how'.

Not only are we confident in our ability to get your loan done in a smooth and efficient manner, but we have also been given the awesome opportunity to be coaches for other real estate agents and loan officers in the industry. We wholeheartedly believe that when you work with an expert, you will have no more worries - and that is exactly how we approach our industry. We are leaders not only in a transaction with you, but also within the industry. Our goal is to better the entire industry and to create a flawless loan process and transaction across the board. The best part is, you get to work directly with us while we pave the way to a better tomorrow for the mortgage industry!

Our Vow

We treat every client to a Next Level experience, and we believe every problem has a solution. There is never a no, only a how.

Our Partners

We align ourselves with the best in the industry because our clients deserve the best. A referral from Next Level Lender, is a vetted partner whom we Know, Love and Trust.

Our Process

A transaction with us, is an experience - and during our time working together we will ensure a smooth, efficient and trusted process you can rely on to get the job done and help achieve your goals!