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Looking for a home loan, but don’t qualify on other loan programs? A non-QM loan might be for you. Non-QM loans can qualify you for a home loan based on alternative methods. We can do a bank statement loan, no-income investment loan, Interest-only loan and so many more! These loans are great for business owners, investors, retirees, or anyone who makes income from other sources then a normal job.


What does non-QM loan stand for?

“Non-QM” stands non-qualified mortgage, this is a type of loan that doesn’t conform to certain eligibility and loan structure standards set out by the federal government(IE: Conventional, FHA &VA).

Are non-QM loans safe?

Yes, non-QM loans are safe. The Lender will evaluate your ability to pay off the loan. Typically they accept alternative documents as proof of repayment.

Which borrowers benefit most from non-QM loans?
  • Have higher DTI ratios, but can still afford to pay a mortgage
  • Don’t have the specific documentation required by most traditional mortgage lenders ( Alt Doc)
  • Those looking to get qualified solely off of deposits/bank statement ( Bank statement)
  • Borrowers looking for interest-only mortgage loans, which can be useful for those looking to quickly flip a house or otherwise don’t plan to keep the property for a long period of time.

Non-QM loans can make it possible for non-traditional income earners to qualify for mortgage loans. While the lender may still assess your financial markers, such as income and DTI, you may still be able to qualify for a non-QM loan whose structure and/or requirements don’t quite meet the standards set out by the government.

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With an extensive network of banks and investors, let us do the heavy lifting for you when it comes tofinding the perfect loan for your perfect home.